Hunter Douglas Miller ’94 -’15


In Loving Memory of Hunter Douglas Miller ’94-’15

More than a year ago now, my cousin, Hunter Douglas Miller passed away. He was one of the youngest cousins on my dad’s side, just barely 21. He was an adventurous guy. Hunter died jumping off an 80 foot cliff into a creek downstream of a waterfall in Tucson, Arizona. It’s called Tanque Verde Falls. Bad weather was rolling in upstream and the creek depths had doubled that day. Officials believe he was pinned down in an undercurrent. His friends told authorities, Hunter jumped in and never resurfaced. His body was found the next morning downstream.

I made this design to honor his memory. I hand drew this in Adobe Illustrator CC. I wanted to capture the essence of the scratchy, thorny, dry country and the beauty of the weathered rock and flowing water where my cousin was last seen. Hunter’s mother has started work to put up signs, warning people about the dangers of Tanque Verde Falls. She has gotten a lot of help from local volunteers. I used a pantone color palette in this design so they could make signs and t-shirts.

Hunter was a happy, positive soul. Every summer my dad’s entire family gets together at my grandmother’s farmland in Kansas. To honor Hunter, after a ceremony to celebrate his life, we threw a big party at grandma’s place. We had a ton of bbq, a giant bonfire and fire works. A Hunter family occasion wouldn’t be complete without some big fire works. He would have loved it.

After I graduated high school, I lived with Hunter and his family for a period of time. He was around 6, I was 18. I babysat him a lot. I try to keep reminding myself of some of the funny or profound things he said. I remember one year driving down to Arizona with him, his mother and my sister. The movie Jerry Maguire had recently been released. We watched it 3 or 4 times together and Hunter loved to say that famous line “Show me the money.” It is a long ways from Nebraska to Arizona. Hunter may have been 4 at this time and he really needed to use the restroom. At one point, he removed his seat belt and put his little body between his mother and I in the front seat and exclaimed “Show me the bathroom!” We couldn’t even be mad about him leaving his seat. We all had a good hard laugh.

Over the years I watched him grow into a man. A young, chunky-cheeked, funny kid, turned into a tall, handsome, athletic, humble guy, who just seemed to always be at ease. In high school he was awarded a college scholarship for baseball and was an avid golfer. He was studying Agriculture at the University of Arizona. Every summer you could find him cleaning up grandma’s place. Whether it was clearing bush, fixing something, fishing, growing things in the garden, or mowing, he loved it all.

We all love and miss him. May he never be forgotten and rest in peace.

I am going to mock this up.

I’ve been studying up on some different types of wire-frame technologies. I decided to create a couple wire-frames for a new website for myself with Moqups. Check it out! They make it very easy to use and have a ton of lovely icons, fonts and elements to insert into the mock-up.

This is the landing page. See my other blog post for the color design in Photoshop.



Website Redesign (Coming Soon!)

I’ve been working on a new website design in Gimp. What do you think?


I am always attracted to sites that seem to be one long running page. Research has shown us that the less a person has to click through, the less chance you have at losing them. Plus it just seems like a logical way of displaying information. I think these just make it easy for a person not to get lost, especially if you have a giant website.

This simple design and one page layout inspiration came from a website called BluGiant. They’ve since changed the look and feel of their website but they still maintain a clean, crisp design with a just a few extra pages, instead of one. The icons were downloaded with permission from a free website. I changed the sizing and the colors.

I plan to start learning to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create a dark design, maybe I’ll call it my night theme. Once I have the website up and running I’ll write a little script to change between day and night themes, depending upon the time of day. I am so excited!

Pokemon Saves the Date!

Two very good friends of mine are getting married. They love Pokemon but they also want their wedding to be formal and elegant. Below are two designs I made for their save the dates! I made both in Photoshop CC.

The picture one, has 3 hidden pokeballs. Sort of like a video game easter egg. Can you find them? I also had to remove a lot of branches in the tree for the font to stand out more. Yay for content aware and selection tools!

In the giant pokeball version I made many, many, many, different versions. The Pokemon font took a while to get right, as you can’t just download the real Pokemon font. I compared versions I found on the internet and tweaked and tweaked.

Both of these designs are personal to the couple. Sarah has a tattoo of a tree on her left side, and her favorite color is yellow. This design also follows the theme from the couple’s wedding website which has a lot of warm browns and yellows. Both designs feature a pokeball in a fun silly way, which is something that originally brought the couple together. In the second design, the colors in the pokeball match the colors of the wedding attire and flowers.