Website Redesign (Coming Soon!)

I’ve been working on a new website design in Gimp. What do you think?


I am always attracted to sites that seem to be one long running page. Research has shown us that the less a person has to click through, the less chance you have at losing them. Plus it just seems like a logical way of displaying information. I think these just make it easy for a person not to get lost, especially if you have a giant website.

This simple design and one page layout inspiration came from a website called BluGiant. They’ve since changed the look and feel of their website but they still maintain a clean, crisp design with a just a few extra pages, instead of one. The icons were downloaded with permission from a free website. I changed the sizing and the colors.

I plan to start learning to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create a dark design, maybe I’ll call it my night theme. Once I have the website up and running I’ll write a little script to change between day and night themes, depending upon the time of day. I am so excited!

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