Pokemon Saves the Date!

Two very good friends of mine are getting married. They love Pokemon but they also want their wedding to be formal and elegant. Below are two designs I made for their save the dates! I made both in Photoshop CC.

The picture one, has 3 hidden pokeballs. Sort of like a video game easter egg. Can you find them? I also had to remove a lot of branches in the tree for the font to stand out more. Yay for content aware and selection tools!

In the giant pokeball version I made many, many, many, different versions. The Pokemon font took a while to get right, as you can’t just download the real Pokemon font. I compared versions I found on the internet and tweaked and tweaked.

Both of these designs are personal to the couple. Sarah has a tattoo of a tree on her left side, and her favorite color is yellow. This design also follows the theme from the couple’s wedding website which has a lot of warm browns and yellows. Both designs feature a pokeball in a fun silly way, which is something that originally brought the couple together. In the second design, the colors in the pokeball match the colors of the wedding attire and flowers.

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